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Bridgyd receives prestigious award!

Fairwarp’s own Bridgyd Richards been selected as one of three recipients of this year’s Riding for the Disabled Association Presidents’ Award - the most prestigious award presented by the RDA for exceptional dedication. It is hoped that all three will be able to receive their awards in person from the RDA President, HRH Princess Anne, at a prestigious event as soon as circumstances allow.


Bridgyd Richards is a stalwart of Eridge RDA and has been for 46 years, having joined soon after the Group’s inception. She has been a committee member and trustee ever since - a record of volunteer service unequalled in the Group. Indefatigable in attendance at committee meetings, riding sessions and fundraisers, she has shown a life-long commitment and loyalty to the riders. She is the Group’s memory-keeper and an unflagging proponent of the charitable aims for which the group was founded so many years ago.

Bridgyd has never missed the Monday session despite the years of milking and caring for her prize Jersey herd of cows until her retirement and now, despite hip problems, she still attends to keep records of each session.

“I am so thrilled to have received this award as it was so unexpected. I have had a wonderful time, visiting many other groups and competing three times at the RDA Pony of the Year at Wembley - even coming second.” says Bridgyd. “It’s been a great ride and still is!”

Her many years of experience with disabled children has stood the Group in good stead. Bridgyd simply is Eridge RDA.

Sally Grainger, also from Eridge RDA and Jo Lee, Epsom RDA are the other two recipients of the award.



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