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Fairwarp Good Neighbours Scheme

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

We have a list of over 50 households on our volunteer list which anyone can opt out of permanently or temporarily at any time for any reason.

Anyone needing help should call on 01825 713477 or email and, with their permission, they will be matched to the nearest appropriate volunteer.

All the volunteers have been asked to respect everyone's confidentiality and adhere to the latest Government guidelines at all times.

The list of volunteers can only be accessed by Jan Kemsley (Hon Sec), Tracy Aitchson (Marketing and Communication) and Adam Knell (IT). Should the need arise another FCS Committee member will be given access.

The volunteers all live within Fairwarp Ward and are mainly already members of Fairwarp Community Society or known to us.

Details as follows

  • Area - Fairwarp Ward of Maresfield Parish Council

  • Name of Org - Fairwarp Community Society Good Neighbours Scheme

  • Shopping - Yes

  • Pescriptions - Yes

  • Befriending - Yes

  • Pets - Yes

  • Main Contact email -

  • Website -

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