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WI Meeting June 2022

Our aim is to have variety: we celebrated our Birthday in March with a Murder Mystery, in April we made cards, in May we drank Vermouth, and for our June meeting we learnt about Chailey Heritage - the wonderful charity just up the Haywards Heath road.

Ian, our speaker from Chailey, explained that the school was founded in an old workhouse at Chailey by Grace Kimmins in 1903 for disabled boys from the East End of London for whom education was non-existent. By 1936 the school took both boys and girls and was equipped with medical facilities in order that education was minimally interrupted by medical treatment. While it was initially set up as a school for disabled children it has now evolved into a school for pupils with highly complex combinations of physical and cognitive issues, taking children and young adults from the ages of 3-25.

After our talk, we had our normal break for refreshment and chat - catching up with all the news over the past month. The meeting ended with a quick bit of WI business before we disappeared into the night.

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