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WI meeting May 2021

Lindsey Barrell (aka Miss Cherry Bombe) burlesque dancer
Lindsey Barrell (aka Miss Cherry Bombe)

Forget the Calendar Girls - we now have the Burlesque Bombshells, led by Miss Cherry Bombe herself! Lindsey Barrell (aka Miss Cherry Bombe) gave a fabulously funny and heartwarming talk about her discovery of burlesque and the WI, and how she brought the two worlds together. As her nest emptied, she realised she had time to fill and friendships to make. She filled her time with first craft and then dance and then her favourite, burlesque classes, but friendship making was more difficult until she joined the WI! She now combines the WI with the burlesque, running two burlesque troupes made up from local WIs. One with an average age of 55, and the other, 70! They have raised over £10,000 for local charities, performing to bikers, at fetes and for other WIs. As she says, it epitomises “the Fun, Friendship and Education ethos of the WI”. Fairwarp WI does not yet offer burlesque classes, but we do get together for suppers out, reading books, and crafty stuff on a regular basis. Why not come and try us out for an evening as a guest? If you contact Caty on, she can give you all the details, including a zoom log in. Our next speaker will talk about the Women in WWII.

Caty Worlock Pope

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