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Here to make things happen for you and everyone in Fairwarp Village and Ward.

We act as your ear to the ground to find out what is happening, liaising with the local community, the Parish, District and County councils  with regard to planning developments, highways and other local issues.

We keep you informed with regular E-newsletters, Website, Notices Boards and via the Fairwarp Echo and the local media.

We arrange public meetings to ensure as much information as possible is made available to all residents relating to matters affecting the Community e.g. The Local Development Framework, Local Highways and Byways Maintenance, Maresfield Parish Council Referendum, the Village Plan, the Sports Pavilion and proposed local housing developments.


We are here to help create and support social events, getting people together for fun and to meet their neighbours, by organising Quiz Nights, Socials etc.

Download and read the 2019/2020 FCS Parish Report

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