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FADLHS - Call for information and materials

After a successful inaugural year in 2023, the Fairwarp and Duddleswell History Society (FADLHS) is developing its speaker program for this year.


We are planning three presentations and intend to schedule the first one in the Spring.


At a recent Committee meeting three immediate areas of interest were identified:


  • Duddleswell Manor (and other historic buildings in Duddleswell)

  • Duddleswell and Fairwarp during World War II

  • Fairwarp School (1873-1963)


As we research these topics we need your help!


We would like to borrow any relevant primary sources you might have on your bookshelves, in your loft or ‘filed’ in the garden shed.

Any contemporary documents, such as photos, letters, school reports and other historic materials would be of interest to us.

(They would be reviewed carefully and returned promptly).


For example, a presentation on the area during World War II could include pictorial/documentary material about:

  • The Italian POW camp and prisoners working on local farms

  • The Airman's Grave story

  • The bomb opposite Christ Church

  • The Eckstein ‘Spitfire'

  • King's Standing as a WWII radio station and Cold War bunker and several other sub-themes.


If you can help or would like to know more please contact us via

or telephone Ian Brown on 01825 508 519.


If you are able to contribute information and/or historic items, the Committee would appreciate an initial response by the end of February.


Materials could be collected from your home and would be receipted.


We intend to make the 2024 FADLHS program as interesting and relevant to local residents as we can and your input may make all the difference!


With thanks in advance


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