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New WI Centenary Commemorative Sign

Fairwarp WI has unveiled a new sign which commemorates its 100th birthday. The sign, designed by Heather Dewhurst, was going to be used as a plaque affixed to the Fairwarp Village sign. However, due to the extensive amount of bureaucracy and cost of planning permission involved, we changed our original plan, and many will have seen that the sign now proudly graces the Fairwarp Village Green signpost instead. Grateful thanks are due to Andrew Telford and the rest of Fairwarp Village Hall Committee for allowing this to happen and to Heather and Rob Dewhurst for putting it up.

Not everybody knows that Fairwarp WI donated the Fairwarp Village Sign, which was unveiled on the corner of the B2026 and The Street, Fairwarp in 1953. Read more about how that came about on the WI history page

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