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Table Tennis Area gets a makeover

Fairwarpian Anoushka Beardshaw, 15 years old, has given the table tennis area on the village green a much needed and fabulous makeover.

Anoushka attends Bedes School where the pupils were recently given two days off to go and help others. She approached Fairwarp Community Society to see if there was anything she could do to help the village. We suggested she might like to clean up the table tennis area.

Anoushka has done a fantastic job cleaning the top which is blue again and clearing the the weeds and dirt from the paving surrounding the table tennis table. We gave her antibacterial spray to use so hopefully it will stay clean for quite a while.  It took her four hours and, even at 15, she commented that her back was getting sore! 

See photographs in the slideshow below which includes some before and after compilations which illustrate the work done to make this look so good.

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