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Traditional Bacon Roly poly but this time baked

Courtesy of Abi Bergan-Gander

Serves 4 to 6 people

  • 8 pieces of smoked bacon (could use ham or unsmoked)

  • 1 white onion roughly chopped (I use large)

  • 1 tablespoon mustard (I use English)

  • 1 beef stock cube

  • 120g suet

  • Cold water

  • 240g flour (self raising or plain work just as well )

  • Black pepper


  • Small handful of cheese cubes

  • Mushrooms chopped


  1. Mix suet and flour together in a bowl and using your fingers rub the suet into the flour then gradually add enough cold water to bring together into a dough. If too sticky add a little flour until you could roll the dough out

  2. Flour your surface (I do this on parchment paper to avoid too much mess) roll the dough out to a square about 30cm by 30 cm ( doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect just try to avoid tearing it )

  3. Spread the mustard over the dough then place the bacon lengthways across the dough. Sprinkle the onion (mushrooms and cheese if using) over the bacon .. a couple of grinds of pepper and then crumble the stock cube over

  4. Now from the edge nearest to you start rolling up the dough (like a Swiss roll or roulade, and the parchment if using can help!) Once you have a nice sausage which should be relatively tight fold in your open ends and place on to a baking tray on baking parchment or grease proof paper into an oven at 180 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes ..  check the middle is piping hot with a knife and the top should have a nice light brown with a slight crust to it

  5. Cut into slices.

I Serve with green veggies and beef gravy.

You can fridge this and reheat in the oven (wrapped in foil) or in a microwave. You can also freeze it once cooked and then it makes a lovely evening meal that’s super quick

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