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WI meeting April 2021

Mimi Bogelund

As lock down finally unlocks, and while spring fever is at its zenith, one could advice of our excellent April speaker and de-clutter our houses. Mimi Bogelund (that’s a Danish name) took to our Zoom screens to give us top tips on clearing our houses, so we can enjoy the stuff that makes us happy and let them shine. For Mimi, less is more!

She recommended that we should start to de-clutter when we have the time, not wait until the last minute. If you think you are going to downsize your house, start downsizing your belongings now, not when you are just about to move. Begin with your clothes, then your books, then your papers, then the miscellaneous bits that fill kitchens, and bathrooms, and cupboards, and sheds, and garages, and then finally sort the sentimental. Gather similar things together, and start by choosing your three top items, then look at the rest and discard what you seldom use. Feel gratitude for what you have, but don’t feel that you have to keep everything.

Her motivational talk had us all thinking as to what we might cast out from our properties over the following weeks. I will be tackling a job I have been meaning to do for at least five years - that is de-cluttering my shed.

If you would like to be inspired by a speaker, please do come and try out our WI by contacting me, Caty, at, for further information.

Caty Worlock Pope

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