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WI Meeting April 2023

So when do you think crop circles were first recorded? In the 1970s? In the 1960s? Or, perhaps, even earlier? Well, earlier is right! But how much earlier? According to this month’s speaker, Andy Thomas, the first record of a crop circle was in the 1600s. This first photograph was in 1932, and since then over 10,000 have been documented worldwide. From Brazil to New Zealand, crop circles have been found in wheat fields, in sweetcorn and even in bracken – so it is neither a new phenomenon or local to the United Kingdom. What is going on? Andy is not quite sure as to the why and how, but he is very sure that the man-made explanation is difficult to prove.

Since the 1980s, he says crop circles have become far more complex – far too complex to be produced stealthily with a rope and a board and a group from the pub. They exhibit a knowledge of mathematics and astronomy that is, in some cases, novel; they appear to follow key lines and aquifers; and, there is video and anecdotal evidence to suggest that they appear very quickly, in minutes rather than hours. But, and Andy wanted to emphasise this, regardless of their origins, or why they are there, they are truly graceful, beautiful and mystic entities, and we should celebrate them. So, thank you to the little green people out there who make them!

If you would like to join us at Fairwarp WI, we meet every second Tuesday of each month at Fairwarp Village Hall at 19.15 and learn more about (coming up) aromatherapy, the life of swans, or magistrates, please do!


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