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WI Meeting August 2021

So, the rain finally stopped and at the third attempt Fairwarp WI were able to celebrate their Centenary. Did they do it WI style? Yes! There was bunting and bubbly, gastronomy and gladness to be together again, and jam, and Jerusalem and, of course, a home baked cake!

As we entered we had our photo taken under a fairy lit gazebo. We were then ushered through the house to read the display charting the history of our WI, and telling the stories of our more recent Presidents before moving into Kathleen’s beautiful garden. This was again fairy lit, and also draped with bunting; the slender hollyhocks in one border waving at the mob cap hydrangea in the other framing the tables set with white tablecloths adorned with a golden runner and flowers. What a setting for our first face-to-face meeting since Covid had swept through our world.

We, the members past and present with their guests, and representatives from Village groups and the East Sussex Federation, began by greeting old friends not seen for some eighteen months. We then moved to our tables where we were served, in individual Covid proof boxes, our delicious meal - salmon or chicken, pan a cotta or posset. Next, a rendition of Jerusalem was followed by a speech from Angela culminating in a toast to Fairwarp WI, and a cutting of the cake. And, finally, Maxine taught some to Charleston, culminating in a spirited, but possibly not perfect, performance by these brave volunteers.

But that was not all, every member was sent home with a goody bag representing the different groups within our WI, and a beautifully decorated oyster shell symbolising peace and harmony. In the goody bag we had a lavender heart from the Needles and Natter Group, a bookmark from the Reading Group, and a flapjack from the Supper Group, we also had a Centenary notebook and a jar of damson jam.

In September we will be back face-to-face in the Village Hall, please do come and join us for more jam, and of course, Jerusalem!

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