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WI Meeting August 2023

The WI Committee like to take a break in August to re-charge their batteries ready for the Autumn, and, dare I mention it, Christmas. So, instead of a meeting, the WI members have a dinner at a local hostelry. Last year we ate at the Foresters in Fairwarp, but this year we went further afield - all the way to the Buxted Inn.

And what a dinner we had. Those who were less steady on their feet ate in the upper bar, while those more steady (at the beginning of the evening) joined one of two tables in the lower section. Tracy provided each person with a label stating their food choices (to help the staff, and to remind the members!), and thus the meal began.

All the Buxted Inn staff were helpful and delivered the food very efficiently considering there were 26 of us with varying selections and requirements. The drinks and conversation flowed in equal measure.

Sadly, the evening did have to end, so good byes were said, hugs were exchanged, and the members wended their way home. The next time we would all be together would be back at the Village Hall on the second Tuesday of September to learn about what it takes to be a Magistrate. If anyone is interested in joining our WI, we always meet on the second Tuesday of the month at 19.15, and, apart from August, at Fairwarp Village Hall. Check out our webpage at to see some of the stuff we do.


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