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WI Meeting February 2022

After the excess of calories ingested in the January meeting, adding to the possible overindulgences of the Christmas period, our speaker this month introduced us to the benefits of “Laughter Yoga”. With a “ha-ha” there and a “ho-ho” here, we giggled our way to fitness. According to Caroline, our instructor, laughter relaxes, it invigorates, it makes friends, it de-stresses, and it makes one happy. She insists that just the act of pretending to laugh goes some of the way to achieving great things. And, of course, if one is in a room of “ho-ho”s and “ha-ha”s, what does one do but laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. So, an evening of, at the very least, smiles. After Caroline had weaved her smiley magic, we ended the evening with chats and laughter and plans for the future. Next month is our Birthday - one hundred and one years old, and we will be identifying the murderer in “Dying for a Leek” as well as enjoying a meal. For the Platinum Jubilee we will be hosting a Derby Tea Party to include a glass of fizz and live streaming of the main race, and we will be helping the church with the tea tent at the fete. There is much to look forward to and enjoy now the Covid rules are relaxing, so do come to a meeting and see whether you would like to join us. There are details on these webpages, or drop me, Caty Worlock Pope, a line at and I can put you in the picture.

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