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WI Meeting June 2023

Summer and light evenings gives us the opportunity to go on an outing - so off we went. Our destination was the Only With Love Brewery just south of Halland. A brewery offering "Good Time Beers and Kombucha". What is kombucha? It is a "fermented, slightly effervescent sweetened black tea drink" (Thank you Wikipedia). It is said to be beneficial to the gut, bestowing it will good bacteria.

Anyway, having met in the village hall car park off we went. We were met by Mitch who explained the brewing process and then let us taste the different beers currently in the tanks doing their brewing thing. All very tasty and quite distinctive.

Next we got to taste the kombucha and other beers now fully brewed and tinned. The beers were great and the kombuchas were different. The lemon one was a bit too lemony but the rhubarb and custard one was delicious.

Armed with a selection of tins we had purchased we returned to the village hall for nibbles and drinks. A time to catch up on news and enjoy each others company. We had a good time!


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