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How to make Lavender Water

For centuries lavender has been used to ease anxiety, stress and insomnia and is thought to have anti-bacterial and antiseptic qualities. It tends to adapt to what your body needs which is why it can be both soothing and uplifting.

You will need:-

  • I large lidded saucepan

  • 1 small heatproof ramekin dish or similar

  • 1 heatproof bowl

  • Lavender cuttings or flowers

  • Distilled or filtered water

  • Ice cubes or frozen ice block

Place a small ramekin dish in the bottom of the saucepan with a bowl on top surround with lavender cuttings and/or flowers cover with distilled or filtered water up to the base of the larger bowl. Invert the saucepan lid on top covering any vent holes with tape. Place ice or a freezer ice block on the lid and put to simmer. As the steam hits the cold lid the condensation will drip back in to the bowl, replenish the ice as soon as it melts. There you have lavender water.

Store in a sterilized bottle preferably in the fridge if not in a cool dark cupboard. If the water goes cloudy discard it and make some more.

Transfer to a small sterilized spray bottle if you have one, and get spraying or sprinkling especially on the bedlinen to aid a good night’s rest.

If you do not have any distilled or filtered water you can use the above method without the lavender to distill your own.

The solution will be much stronger if you can use the flowers. Take care not to let the saucepan boil dry, burnt lavender is not a pleasant aroma!

Lavender water is also very good for the skin and treating sunburn and nappy rash. It cab also be used to freshen the air.

You can use the same method for other flowers and herbs but PLEASE check out their properties first, if in doubt DON’T.

Jan Kemsley

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