Chicken and Sweetcorn

Courtesy of Rosemary Mulady

From Campbell’s soups 50yrs ago and never bettered

Into a large saucepan put:

  1. 1 tin creamed sweetcorn

  2. 1 tin Sweetcorn drained

  3. 1 tin Campbell’s condensed mushroom soup

  4. Mix well

  5. Add as many chicken pieces as you need, it easily copes with 10 thighs. Push them in any old how.

  6. Cook for about an hour at 180°C, bottom oven Aga.

Serve with baked potato or rice to sop up the juice or your husband will drink it as it makes lots of juice!

Add no salt or pepper.

If you can’t find creamed sweetcorn then just mash or liquidise a normal tin.