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Christ Church heating

It was during a memorable concert at Christ Church by the Vasari Singers in 2018 that the main heating pipe near the church door began to leak.

Installed in 1936, the system had never worked well (as generations of churchgoers could tell you) and it now emerged that repairing it wouldn't be cost-effective.

So in January 2019 we began an appeal for the £35,000 plus that installing a new system would cost. Many who attend church were generous, and there were village fundraising events - a plant sale, a Barn Dance. And there were grants to be applied for from local and national bodies. There was also a new system specification to be set out, and a contractor to be commissioned. There were visits from the Chichester Diocesan Advisory Committee, which oversees all work in parish churches. There were consultations with the church's Inspecting Architect.

Work actually began on removing the old, cast-iron pipe system and its boiler in September 2019. Our local contractors, Village Heating, were excellent; and work was carried out to a high standard, and with great efficiency.

The new system was fired up in November 2019, and scarcely had time to get into its stride before churches were closed because of Covid-19. But it's ready to go for next winter! Amazingly, the total cost of around £50,000 has been met.

A huge 'Thank you!' to all who contributed!

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