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Christ Church Services Update

Christ Church, Fairwarp: Services for November 2020 revised

{Thursday 12th November St Martin 12 noon Said Eucharist}

{Sunday 15th November 2nd before Advent 9.30 am Said Eucharist}

{Thursday 19th November St Hilda 12 noon Said Eucharist}

{Sunday 22nd November Christ the King 9.30 am Said Eucharist}

{Thursday 25th November St Catherine 12 noon Said Eucharist}

{Sunday 29th November Advent Sunday 9.30 am Said Eucharist}

Sunday 6th December Advent 1 - 9.30 am Parish Eucharist

Sunday 6th December Advent 1 - 11.00am Christingle

Please note: the planned services for the month (shown in italics above) are closed to any congregation by government order. Fr John will continue to pray these services alone.

It is hoped that normal, public worship will recommence with the two services on Sunday 6th


Please note also: Christ Church will be open for private prayer between 12 noon and 1.00 pm each Thursday: you are invited to come and pray, or light a candle….

Fr John Caperon


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