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Fairwarp Echo - January - Design the Echo Cover Competition

Design the Echo Cover Competition

We are asking for Echo readers to submit designs for the front cover of the Fairwarp Echo for every month of the year. This means a cover for March, a different one for April, etc. This isn’t an ‘aged’ or ‘skill-specific’ competition, we are asking all age groups and all abilities to submit a picture or drawing.

There is no grand prize, no financial recompense,

but your creative work will be on the cover of the Fairwarp Echo for one month.

If you would like to enter this competition, we need your entry by the 10th of the month for the following month ie. Entries for April by 10th March and so on. You have to think one month ahead!

So what can your picture/drawing be of? We are asking you to think of what each calendar month means to you. If your picture does relate directly to Fairwarp and our surroundings, that would be lovely, but it can simply be a subject which makes you think of a specific month.

And what materials? Anything that can be reproduced on a computer! It can be a simple black and white drawing or something more colourful. The choice is yours.

But we must be given an original master to work from.

What size? We ask for pictures/drawings to be drawn on paper size of a maximum A4 (which will be reduced to A5) or A5, and portrait not landscape, in order to accommodate size adjustments to fit the front cover. Please do not include the monthly cover wording on your design, this will be added when the cover is produced.

You can enter for any month of the year, and enter for as many months as you want to. Simply submit it whenever you have it ready.

Important: Information to include on the back of your picture (or on a separate sheet of paper included with your entry if writing on the back will cause damage to the picture.)

which month you want to enter

your name, and your relationship to Fairwarp (eg resident)

what medium

original or copy (giving the original artist’s name if known)

Note: If the judges feel that your picture would be suitable for a different month than that for which you have entered it, they will put it into the alternative month’s competition on your behalf.

Send your entry to: The Editor, Fairwarp Echo, c/o Wrenswood, Oldlands Hall, Herons Ghyll, Uckfield TN22 3DA.

An independent judge will help choose the winning prize. Names of entrants will not be divulged until after judging is completed.

There will be no acknowledgement of receipt of entries and the judges’ decision is final. The competition is open to anyone connected in any way to Fairwarp – so not just to residents but to families of residents, former residents, workers in Fairwarp etc. A picture will be returned only if an SAE is included.

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