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Fairwarp Fete 2020 - Cancelled

I am writing this on Thursday 7 May…..hoping that this weekend we may receive some respite from the strict lockdown which has been in place since I last wrote a piece for the Echo.

While life may slowly start to return to normal over the next few months, I think we have to accept that large social gatherings are not going to be permitted for some considerable time. With this is mind, the Village Hall Committee has decided to cancel the Fairwarp Summer Fete. Not an easy decision as the Fete is such a highlight of the village calendar but we felt we had little option.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who – year after year – provide sponsorship to the fete.

These are all local business who will have been adversely impacted by COVID 19. As we start to come out of lockdown I would ask you to remember these companies, return their support and buy local wherever possible.

On a positive note: I recently found out that the fete started life as a little village picnic on the green so, if rules permit, we would like to go back to those earlier days and hold some type of village picnic later in the summer; maybe joining up with another of the village annual events. Watch out for updates!

Keep safe

Jules Till

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