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Friends of Christ Church AGM

The AGM of the Friends of Christ Church Fairwarp was held in August. The Chair (Caty Worlock Pope) thanked the Friends for their ongoing support for the charity. The current committee consisted of herself, Russell Davison, Lorne Duncan, and Richard Thorne (Treasurer) with John Caperon attending were unanimously voted back on with Caroline Shaw to also attend as the new representative form the PCC.

She said that in future, while there is always the option for some kind of fund-raising event, the committee currently were directing their efforts to expanding the Gift Aided Membership. She also reported that there was now a FCCF webpage on from which Friends application forms can be downloaded as well as a latest news section. She also reported that FCCF had featured in the FCS weekly news email, and that she hoped that this would be the first of many such reports.

She hoped that by increasing the number of Friends it would strengthen the “voice of the village” with the diocese when it comes to replacing John Caperon when he retires in 2022.

Richard reported that the total income from all sources since the charity was founded and the end of the financial year in April is £8901. The total contributions to the PCC are £6700, going towards the renovation of the war memorial steps and the fund for the refurbishment of the stained-glass windows.

John Caperon, with the other members of the PCC present, expressed his gratitude to the Friends for their support, and looked forward with relish to the FCCF strengthening their funding with an increase in their membership.

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