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July 2022 Services

Christ Church, Fairwarp: Services for July 2022

Sunday 3rd July 3rd Sunday after Trinity 9.30 am Parish Eucharist

11.00 am All-age worship

Sunday 12th July 4th Sunday after Trinity 9.30 am Morning Worship

Sunday 17th July 5th Sunday after Trinity 9.30 am Parish Eucharist

Sunday 24th July 6th Sunday after Trinity 6.00 pm Evensong

Sunday 31st July 7th Sunday after Trinity 9.30 am Morning Worship

The Parish is now officially in a vacancy, Fr John having retired from his post as

priest in charge. During this period, the Eucharist will be celebrated twice

monthly, on the first and third Sundays, as above. Fr John will return as a visiting

priest on the first Sunday, and other visiting priests will preside on the third

Sunday, and at some Evensongs. Morning worship will be led by lay people, co-

ordinated by the churchwardens, as will some Evensongs.

All Covid-19 restrictions in churches and other places of worship having been

removed, there is no formal requirement to wear face coverings in church.

However, those coming to services are asked to consider carefully the safety and

wellbeing both of themselves and of others.

At the Eucharist, Communion is still in ‘one kind’; that is, communicants receive

the bread of Communion, but there is not yet any sharing of the common cup.

Alan Hooper and Caroline Shaw, Churchwardens

Alan Hooper Phone: 01892-664471; Email:

Caroline Shaw Phone: 01825-712950; Email:

Echo Services July 2022
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