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Proposed radio base station for Fairwarp

Maresfield Parish Council's Parish Clerk Claire Goossens has forwarded a letter and plan document about a proposed new radio base station to be erected at the entrance to the village (downloads available below). Claire has received an extension to the Parish Council’s response until after our Planning Committee meeting scheduled for 8 March. Sinclair Darby will take no further action until it has received comments from the Parish Council.

Fairwarp's councillors Penny Handley and Lolita Reeves are also working on this to represent residents' views. Although the mast is primarily to provide signal for Smart Meters, at this point, we still don’t know if the mast will be a multi user or just O2 (Telefonica).

If you would like to provide comments please do so via the contact form on the MPC website. Could you also copy your comments to Fairwarp Community Society via so we can make sure your views are known and represented.

86917 Cornerstone Planning Consultation
Download • 152KB

Download PDF • 2.91MB

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