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Shutdown Stock

Courtesy of Rosemary Mulady who says: “My cousin was a cook in the navy during the war and they always had a stockpot on the go just like my freezer version so this recipe is older than 75yrs!”

Keep a bag in the freezer and put into it all vegetable peeling and trimmings. So the ends of onions and carrot or celery tops and bottoms, lemon grass trimmings – everything!

If you are vegetarian leave it at that, if you are a carnivore/pescatarian put the bones and skin of whatever you have eaten in there. When the bag is full or you have run out of space boil it all up and simmer for a couple of hours.

Drain all the tock, throw out the debris or even better recycle them to someone’s hens as they love it  – they are omnivores.

Use the stock as stock – much better for you than a stock cube or as a base for soup – dice up more veg, add a handful of rice or barley or split peas and herbs of your choice. Simmer till they are cooked and voila almost free, really good for you soup.

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