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Stoolball - Match 8th June 2016

Hi Everyone

Thank you all for joining Fairwarp Stoolball Club. As some of you know, we only reformed last year and, as would be expected, we started with just a number of enthusiastic players – by the end of the season we were able to put a team into a tournament at Maresfield and did ourselves justice – given our inexperience!

Some of you have come back and have added to our numbers and the last two practices have been absolutely brilliant with you all putting so much effort into bringing everyone together to make a team.

Thank you especially to Ellie, Jason, John and Jack who have helped those who are new to the game or less experienced. By sharing your knowledge and experience I really think we can build a great team.

So going forward, details about our match on the 8th June: it is against the Lewes Arms who play at The Paddock, Lewes.

Please use this link: to find the exact location/map from Stoolball England’s website. They seem to have some peculiarities about parking so do please read the information!

I know this email goes out to a number of people who are interested in stoolball at Fairwarp but unable to attend training sessions for various reasons. As the match is slightly earlier than training but on the same day I am assuming you are unlikely to be available to play – which is not a problem – but please let me know as soon as possible if this is not the case.

Otherwise, at the moment, in no particular order, our team looks likely to be as follows:



(Lisa TBC)








TBC Harvey, Richard

We do need help with transportation. I can take six passengers. Could I ask parents to confirm to me (and to those listed above, if I don’t have your parents’ email address, please can you show them this email) if they would be able to help with transport and how many they can take – the sooner the better please so we can find others to help if necessary.

Timings: arrival at The Paddock at 6pm for match at 6.30. The match is expected to end at 8-8.15. There is a £2.50 match fee for everyone. Please let me know if there are problems making this payment and we will do everything we can help.

Please can everyone confirm that they are definitely available as I know not everyone was 100% sure when it got mentioned last night.

Talk soon


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