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Tai Chi classes

Updated: Jun 22

Tai Chi is an old martial art based on Chinese Yoga & Meditation and is now used famously used as a part of Chinese Medicine and physiotherapy systems and practised by millions of people around the world.

Inner Harmony Tai Chi is based on the Cheng Man Ching style which is known for being very gentle and restorative, emphasising relaxation and stress relief as key healing principles. 

Tuesday Evening Class

Tai Chi Mixed ability (Qigong & Tai Chi Form) 8-9 pm

COST:  £ 8 per session


Come and try your first class without commitment


Everyone welcome, No pressure, no exams or grading system

No experience necessary, learn at your own pace


Dates for 2024 are as follows :

2nd, 23rd and 30th July; 3rd, 17th and 24th September; 1st, 15th, 22nd and 29th October; 5th and 26th November; 3rd and 17th December

Tel: 07812 098844

Buy a DVD (Beginners and Improver's available)

What is Inner Harmony Tai Chi ?


Inner Harmony Tai Chi is based on the Cheng Man Ching style which is known for being very gentle and restorative, emphasising relaxation and stress relief as key healing principles. Cheng Man Ching, who was a doctor, adapted the older more martial style and used it for his patients who were often older and recovering from serious illness or injuries. Being very soft it can be specifically adapted for anyone of any age and fitness level and anyone who wants to do a softer, more relaxing style of exercise. Professor Cheng Man Ching was impressed at the healing powers of tai Chi and so he developed his own Tai Chi system to maximise these health benefits. Cheng Man Ching style therefore emphasises and includes key principles and theories from Chinese medicine, yoga, physiotherapy and massage exercises as well as Taoist breathing and meditation techniques

How will it help me?

Deep breathing and stretching increases circulation of blood and lymph to nourish and refresh every cell and improve immunity. Deep Relaxation takes away toxins and allows time for the body to rebalance and repair itself. Slow walking improves balance and the gentle exercises are beneficial for both the mind and body leading to a wide range of health benefits

What level is the class?

Beginners and mixed ability classes are suitable for anyone. Improver’s classes study form from White Crane to Roosters. Advanced classes study form from Roosters to Cross hands

What do I need to bring with me?

Please wear loose comfy clothes suitable for an exercise class. Training is either barefoot or wearing warm non slip socks. Please also bring a drink of water with you. For partner work classes please keep your finger and toe nails clipped short and please remove any watches or jewellery for everyone’s safety . In hot weather a towel is sometimes useful and in cold weather feel free to bring blankets and extra warm clothes.

About Mat Ward


·       Involved in Martial and Healing Arts since 1982  

·       training in Tai Chi since 1996 

·       teaching Tai Chi since 2006  

·       studying yoga since 2005  

·       teaching yoga since 2010  

·       Qualified Teacher (PGCE) 

·       DBS checked (criminal record check) and First aid trained 

·       5th Dan in Japanese Martial Arts  

·       5th Dan in Shiatsu massage/Japanese body work and yoga

·       3rd Dan in Udun-di (Martial art of the Okinawan Kings) 

·       level 2 Reiki Therapist 

·       1st Kyu in Ninpo

·       1st Kyu in jujitsu  

·       Blue belt in Han Guk Mu Sool

I Teach

  • Tai Chi for health (Dr. Cheng Man Ching’s health style) 

  • Cosmos Kung Fu (The Martial side of Tai Chi) 

  • Chin Na/ Pushing Hands/ Martial applications of Tai Chi

  • Indian Yoga (Hatha/ Scaravelli) 

  • Qigong  & Taoist yoga 

  • Taoist meditation & Longevity Breathing  

  • Practical Self-defence for all

  • Shiatsu Massage/Japanese Body Work and Yoga

  • Udun-di (Martial art of the Okinawan Kings)

I began my martial arts journey in 1982, aged 10 with several years of study in both Shotokan Karate and Judo. Later I went on to study many other martial arts over the years including Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Jujutsu, Ninpo and Aikido 


 I discovered Tai Chi and Qigong in 1996 and have continued to be fascinated ever since.

Over the years I have trained with many Tai Chi and Qigong teachers’ first training with Simon Robins for over a decade. Simon studied with John Eastman who was one of Professor Cheng Man Ching's senior students.


My style today comes from the lineage of Master Huang another of Cheng Man Ching’s long term students. I train with Willie Lim, a student of Master Yek who in turn was a student of Master Huang. This ‘Huang’ style is particularly soft and emphasises relaxation and the health benefits. Cheng Man Ching was a doctor and so his style is today used as a Chinese style of physiotherapy


Today I continue to study Qigong and Tai Chi under Master Willie Lim

I study Traditional Japanese martial arts (Udun-di and Karate) at the Meikai Dojo with Sensei Mick Gunnel (8th Dan) and under Sensei Mark Bishop (10th Dan)

I also study both Yoga and Shiatsu massage at the Meikai dojo as well as starting my second year in a new martial art- Han Guk Mu Sool

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