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Thought for the day 11th April 2020

Holy Saturday, or Easter Eve. Today recalls Christ’s body resting in the tomb, and that’s symbolised by there being no reserved Sacrament in church, no Eucharist. It could be a bleak day. But, poised between the despair of Good Friday and the hope and joy of Easter, somehow this day isn’t bleak at all. It’s full of anticipation, of preparation. As early as yesterday evening our family WhatsApp group was already alive with baking pictures: hot-cross buns, eclairs: it was all happening! Today will no doubt see simnel cakes added to the list – assuming marzipan isn’t in as short supply as bread flour…

And add to baking, flower-arranging. Like many churches, Christ Church has a large band of flower enthusiasts whose favourite time of the year is Easter. So Holy Saturday morning at church is normally a hive of creativity, plus a certain amount of coffee-drinking and cake-eating. This year, though, our locked churches will remain undecorated, empty of the buzz of happy conversation. Waiting in hope and anticipation.

Fr John

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