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Thought for the day 1st April 2020

When I was at primary school, April Fools’ Day, 1st April, was a real challenge. You needed to be inventive, and suspicious. You could never quite tell whether the person inviting you to ‘look behind you’ was a joker. And in recent years, our newspapers have taken up the cause. Probably the best-known example of newspaper April Fools was the Guardian’s in 1977. The paper produced a seven-page travel supplement on the (fictional) tiny tropical republic of San Serriffe, which had many of us searching the world atlas to find it on the map. It took a good while before the penny dropped. My puzzle for today is whether the Guardian is keeping up this tradition by publishing today both articles and photos of a herd of wild goats which has (allegedly) invaded the Welsh seaside resort of Llandudno. The pictures look convincing. It could very well be true. I’d rather like it to be. But on the other hand….

Here, though, are some real truths. One of our grand-daughters is 10 years old today: so Happy Birthday, Tilly! And a former pupil and his wife are today expecting their first child: good luck, Ben and Maureen! And for people in the Church, there are the core truths of faith we hold on to in tricky times. ‘Nothing’, says St Paul, ‘can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.’ Let that truth keep us hopeful; and watch out – at least until noon – for tricksters!

Fr John

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