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Thought for the day 28th March 2020

So here we are in the first weekend of Covid-19 lockdown, and how very peculiar it is! There’s an eerie quiet everywhere, and the main road just yards from our house is unfrequented, empty. It could almost be just a country by-way. The whole of nature is glowing in the Spring sunshine, and yet it’s as if no-one is looking. Perhaps we are all indoors, glued to our TV screen, hoovering up the box-sets? That’s certainly one way of passing the time in this strange period of confinement, and it does provide the reassurance of the familiar.

But if you are up for something new, do take a look at the new BBC 2 series ‘Pilgrimage’. It follows the progress of a group of fairly minor celebs as they walk the pilgrim route from Belgrade to Istanbul. And they are certainly a mixed bunch: atheists, agnostics, Christians, a Muslim and a Jew – this last Edwina Currie, the former politician, and probably the best known of the group. They spend their walking and rest times arguing, reflecting, joshing, and wondering – about religion, life and the meaning of things. How do we make sense of the world and its range of religions and philosophies? What does it all add up to? Does God matter? If any of these questions interest you, tune in to i-Player and see what you think…

Fr John

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