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WI Birthday meeting March 2021

We had expected to have a huge party this March to celebrate our Centenary, but the "nasty virus" (as my Granddaughter calls it) put paid to that! Instead we had a Zoom Party which will be followed by a garden party when the weather and distancing allow.

We also had our AGM, held over from our November meeting. It was a slick operation: reports were taken as read, proposed, seconded and passed unanimously. The Committee was elected, unanimously, and the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer appointed in short order - Angela Tilly, Caty Worlock Pope and Janet Bradshaw respectively. And then it was done.

At this point Angela lit the candle on a very small cake, blew it out and cut herself a slice. She showed us the Centenary Birthday Card, to be signed by all the members. She then proposed a toast to Fairwarp WI, and we all raised our glasses in our Zoom boxes. Some had come to the party looking glitteringly glamorous and Kelly even had balloons!

We were then Zoomly entertained by Tracy Atchison (poetry reader, singer and narrator), Heather Dewhurst (Prince), Sarah Holmwood (both ugly sisters), Vicky Humber (Cinderella) and Kathleen Davenport (fairy). What an evening!

Caty Worlock Pope

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