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WI Meeting April 2022

Danielle, the card guru, came to our meeting this month to demonstrate the crafty art of card making, and, once demonstrated we then were let loose on our own constructions. She made it look so easy. She didn’t get her fingers glued to the card; she didn’t attach the glitter balls to her hair; she didn’t lose a glue spot under a finger nail; her ribbon didn’t slip and slide; and, she didn’t have any trouble printing her ‘sentiment’ (Happy Birthday, Thank you, Get Well Soon, etc) on a minuscule bit of paper.

But we persevered and, remarkably, each of us produced a lovely card to take home with us. Not only did we enjoy sticking our fingers to our thumbs, but we enjoyed having the opportunity to catch up with our friends and welcome our guests who had come to try us out.

If you want to try us out, please first check out our webpages on and then, if you still like the look of us, you can come along to one of our meetings. If you want more information please email me,, and I will endeavour to help you.

Stop Press from the Birthday Meeting: Bella Donner has enthusiastically welcomed Clem Matis to the SADGITS, Terri Cotter-Potts won the onion prize at the local show, and Chris Anthemum has joined Fairwarp WI.



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