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WI Meeting January 2023

To some it might seem that the WI is an institution set in stone with monthly meetings, speakers, craft, jam, and Jerusalem. This is not true. Instead, it adapts with each generation, and when it cannot adapt some institutes die leaving space for others to be born. But with each end there is left an accumulation of treasurers particular to that WI. Scrap books of leaflets, photographs, memorabilia and, the subject of our talk, the tables cloths and frontis-cloths used at meetings to preserve the dignity of the Presidents and other officers. The members must not be able to see up a President’s skirts or they might not take her seriously!

Our speaker Shirley Kirby, the ESFWI Archivist, arrived with bags of cloths and as she spoke, she would retrieve a cloth from a bag to illustrate her point. Each cloth was a trace of a WI of the past. Some were signed, some were very plain, some were exquisite, one was painted, and all were crafted with affection. What was the title of her talk? It was “Every Cloth Tells a Story” – too true, too true.

Next month we have the crime writer William Shaw as our speaker. Be prepared for dastardly deeds and dead bodies! If anyone would like to try us out please do come to our meeting on 14 February 2023 at 7.15pm – we would love to meet you.


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