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WI Meeting July 2021

Our WI continued to celebrate their Centenary this month with a wonderful “Roaring Twenties” talk by Delia Taylor. Why did they roar? There was a breakdown of traditional values after WW1 and this combined with the economic recovery created the climate for change. In fashion, corsets were replaced by camisoles, bloomers by french knickers, and waists disappeared. Hair was cut, and make-up (originally only for the common people or ladies of the street) was adopted by all. The Flapper, with her short skirts, short hair, and love of jazz was born.

Films stopped being silent, with the first Oscar going to “Wings”. The steering wheel moved from the centre of the car, to the left in the USA and the right in the UK, and traffic lights were introduced. The BBC was founded and with it came the Radio Times. People had fun!

And then came the Wall Street Crash and the General Strike, turning the roar into a whimper on both sides of the Atlantic.



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