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WI Meeting March 2022

For those WI Members present at the 101st Birthday Meeting, I am pleased to report that Rhoda Dendron has been remanded in custody and charged with the murder of Del Fyniam. Chris Anthemum has also questioned Daisy Cheyne and Flora Bundy in relation to the thefts at Little Winkey and he expects that they will be charged in due course. Terri Cotter-Potts is hoping that, in the absence of Daisy Cheyne's onions, that she will win best in show, and Bella Donner has developed a relationship with the police sergeant who visited her house.

For those WI Members who were unable to be at the Birthday Meeting I will briefly describe what occurred. As the Members sat down to dinner, a group entered the hall unannounced. It was an emergency meeting of the Snogley and District Gardeners in the Shire club (SADGITS) consisting of those mentioned above, and chaired by Del Fyniam. It became obvious that the meeting was somewhat acrimonious - ending in all storming out of the meeting leaving Del Fyniam alone. As he left there was the sound of three loud thwacks, a cry of pain and a large thud. It soon became apparent that he had been murdered, and the WI Members were witness to this appalling incident.

After some minutes the remaining SADGITS Group returned to the hall and were interviewed by Detective Inspector Chris Anthemum. After eating their soup, the WI Members then interrogated the suspects and each Member wrote down who they thought had committed the murder and how. After the Members had finished their meal of pâté, cheese, coleslaw and rocky road the murder was revealed. Chris Anthemum would like to thank Jules for her help in solving the murder and hopes that she is enjoying her vegetables from the SADGITS. She would also like to thank Susan, Lyn, Dave and Kathleen for their valuable insights.

We hope that April’s Meeting will be a little calmer!

There is much to look forward to and enjoy now the Covid rules are relaxing, so do come to a meeting and see whether you would like to join us. There are details on these webpages, or drop me, Caty Worlock Pope, a line at and I can put you in the picture.



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