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WI Meeting May 2023

Our original speaker was asked to speak on a Caribbean cruise and, although obviously a tough choice, he decided on the cruise instead Fairwarp WI!

But what he didn’t realise was that we had our own home-grown talent (in the form of Sue Guckenheim) waiting in the wings.

Unbeknown to many of us, Sue is a qualified aromatherapist and she treated us to an evening of wonderful scents and aromas. Sue had qualified while working as a nurse in a hospice where they offered alternative complementary treatments.

We learn all about the oils and how they can be used to address various ills including arthritis, stress and sore feet!

The oils were all taken from plants, seeds or trees with jasmine oil being the most expensive. Sue gave us lots of ideas on how we can use them at home like popping a couple of drops of your favourite oil inside the cardboard of a new toilet roll which then releases its aroma every time someone uses it. Another idea was to put a few drops of peppermint oil and lime oil into some Himalayan bath salts to make a soothing foot bath. Her talk was so inspiring and totally fascinating.

Now we wonder if there are others among us with hidden talents just waiting to burst out!


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