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WI Meeting October 2023

This month instead of a speaker we had Barbara Hibbert leading us in an interactive workshop. She encouraged us to write three-word, five-word, ten-word and then twenty-word stories.

By the end of the session, we were all enthusiastically having a go. Here are some of the twenty-word stories we created.

‘She sat in the local village hall, desperately trying to write a creative twenty-word story and failed miserably!’

‘It was dark, very dark. She couldn’t see her hand in front of her face. Where was she?’

‘The roses burst into life, the tomatoes were ripening, bees were busy pollinating, and all was well in her world.’

'The Roses bust into life as the music started. Probably one of the worst girl bands heard this decade.’

‘The child ran and ran on the beach, bulls swooped, waves crashed, and the sand blew sharply into her face.’

‘In the forest the house was spooky and silently waiting. Night was approaching as the man trudged through the snow.’

'Beautiful sunny harvest day: ripe grapes. Children, grandchildren, and friends well fed and lots of laughter. The most perfect day!

‘Tracy jumped furtively. Heather screamed as the bloody dagger sliced through the sausage-roll. There was no-one there, but Tracy knew.’




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