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WI Meeting November 2023

As this was our last AGM to be held in November - the powers that be (East Sussex Federation) have moved our year end from September to April (it’s a as-a-result-of-covid thing) – we thought to make it a little less dry (in the boring, dull, dreary, tedious sense).

Our thoughts led us to Gnina Balchin and her In the Loop Vermouth based at West Hendall Farm. In 2022 she had given us a talk and a tasting, so we asked her to come back and update us on her business and give us a cocktail or two. And so she did! We had the choice of an expresso or a passion fruit martini, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Which was the best? Well, going by the reaction of the members, they were all the best!

She told us that the past year has been a tough one for her, as it has been for all in the industry. However, she is hoping to get her products into Waitrose in the near future. She did bring some of her products to sell – her Ready to Drink Cocktail Pack, including a Lemon and Rosemary martini, an Orange Negroni and a Rum went like hotcakes.

Somewhat mellowed we held our AGM. The Treasurer, Janet Bradshaw, discussed the accounts; the Secretary (Caty Worlock Pope) read the report of the year, and the President (Tracy Atchison) thanked everyone. We then voted in the committee – those already mentioned plus Nadia Bonwick (taking over as Treasurer), Susan Guckenheim, Heather Dewhurst and Carole Stone. And from this merry bunch, Tracy was re-appointed as President.

If you would like to join us in the coming year, our meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 19.15 at Fairwarp Village Hall. You are very welcome to try us out before joining – just give Tracy or Caty a call, our details can be found at


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